Monday, February 17. Ate pad kee mao at Thai Recipes with a friend and her co-workers for a fundraiser. We hadn’t hung out in a while so it was great catching up with each other. We spent two hours in her car afterward just talking and cracking up about our saaaad lives – somehow we can still find humor in misery! Our girl time was very much needed as both of our lives have been difficult lately. Yay for friendship keeping us sane~


Friday, February 21. Slept over at a friend’s apartment because she was having a kickback. She bought a basketball game for the party then got hilariously pissed when we opened the box because she expected it to somehow pop out of the package automatically set up together. Some guys brought Cards Against Humanity but, as evident by the photo above, some shit gets toooooooo real.


Here is her cat, who was being adorable and rubbing against me the next morning!!


Sunday, February 23. The gorgeous sunny weather made biking around downtown fantastic. Ate lunch at Thai Canteen and ice cream at Sugar Daddies. I am loving these warm sunny days in the middle of winter – it totally lifts up my mood and makes me enjoy being outside. 🙂


Wednesday, February 26. Attended my college’s career fair. The only highlight was the Target booth giving out their plush dog toys. I’m more excited about getting a stuffed animal than my job prospects (or lack thereof). And since I actually bothered to dress up for once, I also took a headshot at my workplace for them to put up on the website, pretending I’m all professional and shit.

Friday, February 28. Watched “The Wind Rises” in theatres with some DRD buddies. Here was my outfit of the day. The plaid shirt is actually a cardigan and the gray jacket is actually a layer that was part of a trench coat that I decided to use as my outerwear. Sometimes my choices in clothes don’t make sense.

Aaaand already February is over… so much has happened this past month, especially the week of Valentine’s Day when life got even crazier. =_= I’m still going through personal hurdles and trying to figure myself out. I’ve been going through a lot of ups and downs lately, but for March, I want to consistently go UP!!

P.S. Right now I’m really digging “Strangers” by Seven Lions. That song is so damn catchy!! I currently have it listed under my Music sidebar, so if anyone actually reads this blog, go listen to it and enjoy. ^_^

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