Red Holy Basil, White Holy Basil

There are two types of basil,  red and white holy basil. In Thai its called ไบกระเพรา.
It is used in many Thai dishes.
It has a lot of beta-carotene, which converts in the body to vitamin A. Which is good for the eyes and teeth. Also it contains iron, calcium and phosphoru  which helps maintain strong bones and vitamin C, is a plant.

The medicinal Benefits of Holy Basil

Holy Basil is a plant with very high medicinal benefits. The Holy basil leave can be boiled in the water and then you can drink it as a medicine because of the essential oils which contain methyl has a unique aroma for stomach problems like too much gass and helps also if you have too much sugar in the blood. Drinking it helps people with diabetics.

It reduces diarrhea and protect the stomach from all kind of bacteria’s etc. It also significantly reduces the sugar in the blood and it is very beneficial to patients with diabetes.
I you want to use it as a medicine then take the fresh leave and boil it in filtered water and drink it.

White Holy Basil Thai Garden
Holy basil is very popular in Thailand. One of the most popular dishes is Pad Ka Prao Kai
This is fried chicken with holy basil and chilly.


In my village everyone used hot basil. We called holy basil hot basil.
Everybody had it grown in the garden or in the house.
Everybody used it for cooking with spicy food.
When food like fish smelled bad we used basil always to neutralize the smell.
After finish cooking we always used it in the end.

As a medicine we always used it for the kids if they had stomach problems.
If they had too much gas in stomach the kids always cried and then my mother took from the garden the leaf and mixed it and put it around my stomach.
It really helped to remove the pain and the gas went out soon. Yes I fart then a lot 🙂


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