Basil (sweet Basil)

The plant is fragrant (smells) and is often used in the Thai kitchen. Especially in Thai curry recipes.
Basil is so improtant that for example if you have a green curry plate without basil its not green curry or red curry.

These menu’s need sweet basil.

A curry with sweet basil enhances the aroma of the cooked food and the rice.
Not so many Thai people do know this that you can cook sweet basil with rice.
It makes the rice smelling very nice and it makes the rice looking good.

Sweet basil has many healt benefits.
For exampe if boiled with filetered water you can drink it day and night to help anti-bacterial, anti- cancer, lowering blood pressure. Reduce blood sugar and antifungal night.

Sweet basil is full with vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and
calcium,iron and phosphorus.

Basil is a very easy plant to grow in the garden but also at home. Its inexpensive, versatile and very
important in the Thai kitchen.

Tips from Lisa.

Do not forget to grow it in your home.

Everytime if I eat noodle soup I enjoy to eat sweet Basil together with it.

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