Bangkok nightwalk – Lumphini to Patpong

Bangkok nightwalk – Lumphini park to Patpong [Feb 2020]

NB: This video was filmed in Feb 2020, Bangkok 112 videos are for entertainment purposes and are not current affairs.

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In Feb 2020 I did a ‘super smooth’ gimbal walk from Lumphini park to Patpong market area around dusk.

Patpong is the oldest, most famous but is also the least busy of Bangkok’s 3 main bar areas. This is due to many factors including a big market strewn through Patpong street 1, and scamming bars that promise free ping pong shows but extort customers (read tripadvisor reports for the latest disgruntled customers).

Parts of this video include:
0:10 Preview montage
1:06 Lumphini Park
2:56 Silom MRT station, the best for visiting Lumphini park
3:05 Map of the location
4:37 The lights are green for pedestrians but the cars don’t stop
5:06 Walkway from Silom MRT to Sala Daeng BTS
9:21 Sala Daeng BTS station info:
10:24 Hooters bar
11:17 Soi Thaniya, Japanese bar area
13:23 Silom Soi 4 alley, bars catering for guys who like guys
15:10 Patpong
15:49 Patpong Soi 1
16:41 Madrid bar
18:22 Kiss bar
19:45 NaRaYa handbag shop, good for the ladies
20:35 Shenanigans Irish pub
21:24 T-shirt designs and prices
21:55 Fake Rolex and Tag Heuer watches & price examples
24:33 Thumbnail
24:39 Kings Castle 1, arguably the best bar in Patpong
25:12 Superstar bar
26:20 Safari bar
26:49 Thigh bar
27:31 Outro

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