Bangkok Rush Hour

Bangkok Rush Hour – Feb 2020

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A video where I took the skytrain from Asok to Ekkamai at rush hour, and then made my way over to the Major Sukhumvit cinema to watch the excellent 1917 film.

Parts of this video include:
0:04 Soi Cowb0y
0:45 Walking through the subway to Asok skytrain station
4:05 Rush hour madness at Asok station
5:23 Scanning the rabbit card ticket
6:12 Very busy on the platform & people are packed in on the trains like sardines
6:50 My strategy for getting on a train during busy periods
8:00 Thumbnail moment
8:36 The doors close, only 3 stops for this journey
9:41 Arriving at Ekkamai BTS station
12:03 1847 baht of credit left on my travel card (I topped up massively just before they brought in mandatory passport checks for foreigners with the travel cards)
12:30 temporary night market
13:15 Eastern Bus Terminal, 108 baht gets you to Pattaya in 3 hours
14:25 WE fitness society, would you work out in full view of 1000s of people?
16:22 Many options for restaurants at Major Sukhumvit
17:24 Buying a cinema ticket to see 1917
18:03 Outro


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