Bangkok: The Old City. Explored & explained. Then & Now: History, Temples, monuments, canals & more

The Old City aka Rattanakosin Island.Temples, Monuments, Buildings, Canals, Bridges, Streets. There’s a lot to see and learn, it can be overwelming so I’ve done it all for you, and explained it all too. Now you can go on Mastermind with your specialist subject ‘’Bangkok: The Old City’’

00:00 Start
00:41 Ratchadomnoen Klang Road: Old City Gate, Democracy Monument construction & The Royal Rattanakosin Hotel
04:07 How the Pra Pinklao Bridge changed things & Chalerm Sawan 58 bridge
08:01 A quick guide to The Grand Palace, Wat Pho (Reclining Buddha)& Wat Phrakaew (Emerald Buddha)
10:28 ‘’The Grand Palace is closed’’ scam, my experience. Who the hell is that silly?
11:36 Night Walk Part 1: Canals, street food, giant swings, back streets, street market. It’s an urban jungle out there.
15:45 Sanam Luang, National Museum, Volunteer Monument to the National Theatre (see map for route)
20:41 Wild side: The darker part of the Old City, I visit in daytime and at night.
23:17 The Old City moat, Giant Swing to Fort Mahakan (see map for route)
27:19 The Supreme Court, Ministry of Defence to Sanam Chai MRT (see map for route)
31:28 Night Walk Part 2: Sanam Luang after dark, the Old City lit up at night. Late night ice cream.
33:37 Ending bit

All locations and routes are shown in this map:

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