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Today’s episode. Larb Tofu Thai Salad Tutorial
This is another cracker of a dish!!!
Simple, fresh, healthy and packed full of flavour.
Simple tutorial with Chef Pi Sar showing us how to cook and prepare the various ingredients for Larb from start to finish.

Here’s the recipe:

250g deep fried tofu
100g shallots sliced thin
50g spring onion sliced thin
50g coriander
50g Kaffir lime leaves
50g fresh mint
2 large sweet chilli toasted
Half tbsp chilli powder ( crush the toasted sweet chilli to get this)
2-3 tbsp fish sauce (replace with light soy sauce if Vegan
1.5 tbsp Khao Khua (Toasted sticky rice powder) watch the video for details
3 wedges of lime

As with all Asian cooking this is a rough guide with regards to amounts, adjust for your own taste and spice tolerance.
If you want to make it spicier then toast birds eye chillies instead of large sweet chilli.
Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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