MAKKASAN, Bangkok:. An area more exciting than 50 shopping malls! The city’s landscape is changing.

Makkasan: The changing face of Bangkok’s landscape. Will it be green space or another faceless mall? Bangkok has been gearing up for development here for over 2 decades and the SRT need to build something that will please everyone, but their hopes may not go down well on the largest green space left in Bangkok.
A look around an area not known for its beauty, but there’s more character around here than 50 hiso shopping malls. Railways, canals, wooden houses, sois, slums and of course plenty of cats & dogs.

My Maps Link showing all locations:

00:00 Start/About the area and the train graveyard
02:06 Flood prevention & Makkasan: What’s in a name?
03:37 Railway station, maintenance depot, Labour museum and the Klong San Saep
08:30 The Upper West Side: Makkasan or Manhattan? Plus The Stay Cafe
13:07 Round-up: Graffiti, Din Daeng Flats & the animals of Makkasan
14:56 The wooden houses in Makkasan. Why so many everywhere?
16:16 The Airport Rail LInk (ARL)
17:17 The future of the land & past proposals
20:21 A look down Petchaburi Road and the old haunts of American GI’s
24:58 An evening walk along the slum railway line
26:33 The final word

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The Stay Cafe, best Indian food in Thailand:

Filmed, produced, edited and researched by me.


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