Maui Farmhouse Vlog #9 Cooking Our Favorite Thai Foods at Home & My Mom’s First Visiting Maui!

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This is my Maui Farmhouse Daily Vlog #9
My new favorite juice is apple & carrot. I was craving Thai food so decided to cook Panang curry, papaya salad & stir-fried tofu & veggies. It was DELICIOUS!! Looking forward to watching a new episode of The King’s Affection on Netflix is my new obsession! And the BEST part of all in November… is that my mom was visiting us from Korea!! She came here to Hawai’i for the first time and her luggage was full of Korean ingredients instead of her clothes! lol! The BEST mom EVER!!

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✨ In This Video…
My Knife
Boos Cutting Board
Yondu Sauce
Vegetarian Oyster Sauce
Gondre Namul (Easy Prepare Version)
Regular Dried Gondre Namul (Similar to one that I use)
Korean Long Wooden Spoon
Claypot Rice Recipe

My Juicer is from Nama Well
10% Off Coupon Code: SEONKYOUNG

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Music by Ashton Edminster – 1,000 Christmas Lights –

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