Our AWESOME Dumpling Sauce | shumai sauce recipe | Fitous Thai Kitchen

Our AWESOME Dumpling Sauce | shumai sauce recipe | Fitous Thai Kitchen

Hi everyone.
This is carrying on from the previous video whereby we showed how to make our chicken, prawn and water chestnut dumplings. But in this video we’re finishing off the recipe with our dumpling dipping sauce.

This sauce can be used with any type of dumpling, wonton, gyoza, siu mai you can even mix it in to your fried rice which is what a lot of our customers do.
Simple, fresh, healthy and packed full of flavour.
Simple tutorial with Thai Head Chef Pi Tou showing us how to prepare the dipping sauce for kenom jeeb.

Here’s the recipe:

700ml Sweet soy sauce
1 Tbsp Salt
3 Tbsp Garlic oil
3 Tbsp Sriracha chilli sauce
350ml Water
100ml White vinegar


00:00​ Dumplings sauce
00:08​ Intro
00:15​ intro
00:29​ the ingredients with Thai Head chef Tou
01:07​ In the wok
04:00​ Finished article
04:15 Outro

As with all Asian cooking this is a rough guide with regards to amounts, adjust for your own taste and spice tolerance.
If you want to make it spicier then toast birds eye chillies instead of large sweet chilli.
Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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