SAPHAN TAKSIN. Ghost Tower, Graffiti, Unexplored Bangkok, Canals, History. With added Funk.

Unexplored Bangkok: A trip around Saphan Taksin. Places you’ve never seen before: Streets, hidden canals, graffiti, wildlife, the Ghost Tower day & night, The history, the people, the cats, plus more. All with a soundtrack so funked up that you’ll at least dance if the video bores you.
00:00 Start: Taksin Bridge then & now
01:34 The Ghost Tower by day: Cats, Pics, Arobatics at the top & a warning from the owner
04:19 Across the river: Sathorn Pier, Pepsi Pier, Made by Legacy & BTS expansion plans
06:45 Breaking up and rebuilding twice: Saphan Chalerm Pan 53 Bridge
08:12 A walk into an unexplored neighbourhood: Ban Baep Community
10:36 An obscure canal that’s forbidden to walk along to the river
13:04 History of Khlong Sathorn & the guy who dug it, Baan Sathorn
14:52 TheFunked up canal with no name & The Ghost Tower at night: Is it scary?

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Filmed, produced, edited and researched by me.

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