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Hi everyone today we’ve got Duck salad otherwise known as Larb Phed. This is a great easy recipe that you can make at home.
This can be a stand alone dish with jasmine or sticky rice, you can also pair it with som tum or gai yang to really have a feast.


Here’s the recipe:

200g Fresh duck breast usually two should be sufficient
100g shallots sliced thin
50g spring onion sliced thin
50g coriander
25g Kaffir lime leaves
50g fresh mint
1x Heaped Tbsp chilli powder ( crush the toasted sweet chilli to get this)
2x Tbsp fish sauce
2x Tbsp Khao Khua (Toasted sticky rice pounded into powder)
1 Whole lime


00:00​ Larb Phed
00:29 Intro
00:51 The ingredients
01:28​ Preparing the duck
02:14 In the wok
04:11 Adding the flavour
05:39 Plating up
05:46 Finished article
06:09 Taste test
06:43 Outro

As with all Asian cooking this is a rough guide with regards to amounts, adjust for your own taste and spice tolerance.
If you want to make it spicier then toast birds eye chillies instead of large sweet chilli.
Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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