Why you SHOULD move to Thailand in 2022. Let’s be positive about this!

Thailand is a great place to live, look at the many positives, and don’t get put off by all those miserable videos complaining. Chances are those moaning could’ve got themselves into a negative situation or they left their common sense at the airport. Or they are just copying what they’ve seen or read and have realised they can get lots of views by repeating it. Be streetwise and aware just like you are at home and you can avoid that kind of crap.
This video has a light hearted theme, it’s not all advice from start to finish, I also take a quick look around a couple of areas not often covered in videos, Soi Paisingto, Khlong Toei and Ratchayothin. Those areas will be covered in depth in upcoming videos very soon. Please enjoy this video and take it in the same good nature as it was made.

00:00 Start
00:55 A quick heads up about the government
01:57 Some local knowledge you didn’t know
02:42 Khlong Paisingto and Soi Paisingto
04:39 Food and drink in Thailand, The Street Ratchada
05:44 Khlong Toei, a quick look
06:17 Renting a place to live is cheap,
07:55 Lat Phrao/Ratchada/Ratchayothin
08:16 The final reasons why you should move here

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